Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Tribute to Dolly Parton

My mother had multiple sclerosis ever since she was a teenager. Her life was not an easy one and towards the end she spent a lot of time in the hospital. everyone knew her and everyone loved her. She was really a very reserved and private person and  in spite of her illness she rarely complained and was very funny. She died 15 years ago at the age of 66 from cancer and I as her daughter, am very much like her.I also have had MS for the last 40 years,I try not to complain too much and my sense of humor carries me through many obstacles. Here is just one story about my mom, in her honor, and I am sure that she is laughing with us. It is a tragic story and at the same time it touches your heart.

There was one time when my mom had a grand mall seizure lasting over a half an hour and when she finally came out of that seizure she thought she was Dolly Parton! She was singing Dolly Parton songs and speaking in a Dolly Parton voice and flaunting her Dolly Parton cleavage. During those moments she made everyone so happy because it was so unexpected and so not like her and because it came out of nowhere.  It was just really an honor to be a witness at my mother's debut. All of the staff came in to see her and interact with her and she even signed a few autographs. Later on, when she was told what she had been doing she was mortified and felt she had made a fool of herself  but I think in those moments she really found herself, she found herself completely uninhibited and totally joyful and making everyone around her delight in her presence.

 Unfortunately that part of my mom that was  Dolly Parton was never seen again but in that short amount of time she gave a rare performance for all of her fans and my mom was the biggest Dolly fan of all.

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