Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Poor Old Bugger

My daughter works at a daycare facility for dogs on Saturdays. She loves it and I guess it’s a way to escape and so even shoveling up dog shit and hosing down pee everywhere has it's reward as a stress reliever. More power to her. She is definitely a dog lover. Today she came home and told me about one particular dog; a very large, very old, very obese English bulldog with terrible eyesight who seemed really starved for affection. And so Vanessa fell in love with him… but only for little while because it seems that is soon as she started to pet him and give him affection he found the need to hump her. And not only that but he followed her wherever she went all day long struggling to keep up with her so he could keep humping. To add insult to injury he did it only to her. Not to the other dogs. Not to the other caretakers.

I asked her if she told the owners of the dog about his very rude behavior but she said that she hadn't even seen them. It seems they just dropped the poor old bugger off as quickly as they could and got the hell out of there. It seems  even his extended family couldn't take the humping anymore. And really, who could blame them?

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