Thursday, March 8, 2012

Life...Perhaps We Are the Aliens

I just finished reading Keith Richards’ book, Life. And I am  very surprised to say that I really loved it. What an amazing and interesting life he has led and what a great voice he has given to his book.. It's the kind of voice that we can all relate to. He is not above everybody else because he's king of the rock stars and comes off as a very sincere, honest guy who's had an awful lot of chaos in his life and has come through with flying colors. and certainly with a multitude of colors. 

He has gone through life meeting with the most famous and interesting people in all the world including Etta James who happened to have died on the very day that I was reading about his friendship with her in his book. Ms. James was in her mid-80s when she died and has the best, in my opinion, female voice of all time. If you haven't heard of her or haven't heard her works in some time treat yourself and buy an Etta James CD or get a hold of some of her music and it will make your heart flutter because she's so gorgeous. She makes you feel things. She gives life to her music and to her words. And any rate, I was just thinking about her and now she's gone.

I am the same age as Keith Richards and so we are a generation now when all of our previous generation are passing. In Keith's world so many of his friends and compatriots have died, many from drug use, alcoholism and some just from the general lifestyle in the 70s and 80s. I guess it's really not that different today if you look at it as a whole and yet it seems to be a completely different world and the next generation are from an alien source. Or perhaps it is my generation that are the aliens.Keith Richard sand Renae Clare. I never thought I'd see those two names in the same sentence.

I too have lived a life with difficulty and chaos although mine has not been nearly as exciting as Keith Richards'. Life with MS is certainly one for the books. I., too have written a book entitled Potty Mouth which is in production and will be released shortly.I am very excited and feel that I too, in spite of having multiple sclerosis, can be of help to very many people.

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