Thursday, March 22, 2012

Inspired by Pork

When I was first diagnosed with MS 40 years ago, I started to read everything I could on this goddam topic including nutritional advice.What I read made sense to me and I slowly started to cut down on red meat until finally after about six months I gave it up totally. and could longer stand the taste nor the smell.I still cooked meat for my family and never made that choice for them. Both of my children are carnivores. No, they don't actually hunt and eat live prey but they will order it in a restaurant.

 I just  received an e-mail from How or why they got my e-mail address is beyond me because I have not eaten red meat, meaning that pork or beef in 35 years. Perhaps their intent is to inspire an actual pig but I doubt it since pigs are not quite as smart as most people. Although I know a few that are right on the edge. Mostly men.
My daughter does have a bit of a pork belly so maybe the e-mail was intended for her. I'll have to forward it on. Or maybe not. I really don't want to smell a big ham in the oven. Although for some unknown reason I still love the smell of bacon. Could be the MS. Anyway porkbeinspired inspired me to write this meaty piece.MS causes rampant rambling and this is one of those times. So be it.

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