Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blame It All On MS

                                                       Blame It All On MS

My mind is blank which is nothing new. I’m going to blame it on MS and call it a day.  I am supposed to write something every day even when I don't feel like it  And believe me, today I don't feel like it And oh isn't that surprising, My Dragon Voice Recognition Program is finally learned how to spell the F word. How wonderful! Usually it will will spell duck or suck or luck but ha ha… my computer has finally learned how to curse like a sailor. Oh joy!

Dragon voice recognition program is awesome. Because I have Multiple Sclerosis and I only have use of my right arm it makes typing sluggish, annoying, and painfully exhausting. This great program allows me to just speak into the microphone and the words just automatically appear on my computer. Of course sometimes I have to give it a little nudge or training to speak properly or teach it a new word and of course I have to be very, very careful to read over what has just been typed because some god awful mistakes have been made.

You really don't want to be writing an article to be placed in a blog or on a review or put into ezine and find out that you have called someone a jackass when what you really meant to say was bad ass. This could get you in a lot of trouble or you could be completely banned from further posts. Which is certainly not the intent and as Dr. Phil so succinctly says, ”you can't take back stupid” and “you can't un-push the send button”. But then, you can always blame it on MS.

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