Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MS and the Changes I Will Make

I have gone to a therapist to help me to deal with MS and I have learned so much along the way. I have many more demons to slay. These are just some of the things I will work on...
 I will work hard at physical therapy. 
I will write more. I will read more. 
I will write a book about MS from my personal experiences and some of the funny ironic things that come from hardship. 
I will not be a victim or be victimized. 
I will make my voice heard. 
I will do things that I am afraid to do.
I will not procrastinate or use MS as an excuse just because I am afraid to try new things.
I will think big and not beat myself up when I backtrack or need help or feel weak and small. 
I will see the people who come into my life are all there to teach me something whether it is good or uncomfortable or downright lousy. 
I will do the best I can and I will rest when I need to and I will eat well and I will get out into the world more and experienced life and the things that I love to do. 
And I won't feel guilty when I need to sleep a lot and not think of all the time I wasted not doing what I thought I needed to do. 
I will listen to my body. 
I will live a more Zen- like life. I will meditate more and I will live a more spiritual life and that will be my first priority. 
My belief is that we are here on this earth to learn lessons from the hardships that come our way and so I will do my best with the disability I have and do it with the best attitude I can muster.

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