Sunday, March 11, 2012

Get Your Eyes Examined

Get Your Eyes Examined!

Yesterday I dragged my wheelchair shaped ass (in my wheelchair, not all by itself) to Pearl Vision in order to finally get my eyes checked. It has been over six years since I've gone to a vision store or to an optometrist so I guess you could say it's time. The good news is my MS does not seem to have progressed into my eyes and my eyesight is not bad at all. I do a lot of reading, and spent a lot of time lying in bed so hallelujah, I just needed a new prescription.

 However, the glasses that I wear now are so outdated and so grungy looking and to top that off they have been repaired with crazy glue and a big spot of that crazy stuff had gotten onto the lens so that in itself is ugly and to boot, it impedes my vision. I can't really tell you why it took me so damn long to get my eyes checked except to say that everything seems like such a big deal.  MS seems to make everything take longer and I have to gauge my energy level for every task.

That’s why writing is so freeing for me; because time just flows and the words seem effortless. 
It is therapeutic and my hope is that it is helpful to other people.

My new glasses are going to be ready in 7 to 10 days and now that I've actually had my eye exam I'm very anxious to get my new hip lenses and I can't believe that it took so long to do such a simple thing. I mean for god sake, Pearl vision is only about a mile from my house. Part of it is because I had so many doctors’ appointments and other things that they needed to do that seemed more important and had a higher priority so I just kept pushing it off until later. The new glasses are up-to-date and make me look younger and happier and I am. Happier, that is, not younger.  That would take a lot of plastic surgery and I am just not gonna do it….maybe later.

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  1. hi renae! thanks to Brass and Ivory i found your site here... a fellow texan!

    i too am living with MS and it sucks...

    so you have a book written and working on another? how exciting is that! i'm going to be on the look out for Potty Mouth....

    i hate glasses... i never wore them before the ol dx... they tell me i don't have ON or anything like that but i can tell you that my vision has most certainly changed since this beast has flared up recently... bleh