Monday, March 12, 2012

Ben Franklin and his Beloved Library System

What the hell is happening to our school system and our nation in general when libraries are being closed because of budget cuts? What does that say not only to our children, who rely on libraries to do research and study for school and take out as many books as their book bags will hold  and also to those who want to learn and who retain a love of reading? And what kind of message does this send to anyone who uses the library; those who can’t afford books or computers or magazines or newspapers? Or how about disabled people like me who just love the smell and feel and look of all those gorgeous books and for whom it is a sanctuary from the chaos and hectic pace of the rest of the world out there.

And here is a shout-out to every librarian in every library in the world, because they really are the gatekeepers and the heroes of one of the greatest assets of civilization. Poor Benjamin Franklin must be rolling over in his grave just thinking about what is happening to his beloved library system. It breaks my heart too, Ben, and when I die, I will be rolling over as well, but it will be in an urn because I will be cremated.

I think that those budget cuts should come out of some of the horrible waste in our government or perhaps a small percentage of the pay given to tobacco and insurance company lobbyists. That would surely pay for enough libraries to be convenient to every citizen in the United States. And the lobbyists will still be living high off the hog. I truly love libraries.

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